Basically insane

Here’s the game: there’s ego you, and there’s real you. Then there are thoughts, which are inherently neutral, but who do not actually represent who you really are. Thoughts are just thoughts. In the battle between ego you and real you, thoughts are the weapon of choice. Your ego will use thoughts to attack you, to make you think the dramas of the world around you are real, and to keep you prisoner through fear. But it only works if you let it work. If you choose to slow down, you can see thoughts for what they really are: just thoughts. You can learn to use thoughts for the benefit of real you, to gain freedom from ego you.

Quick rule of thumb: time and space are your friends, they let you see your thoughts more clearly. From here you can choose to cultivate thoughts that serve the real you, the loving you. The ego is basically insane, and in fact all hate and fear are manifestations of that insanity. Love on the other hand, is very real, very connected to the real you. Don’t trust your thoughts when you’re in a low mood, give yourself time and space to see clearly. When life challenges you, ask yourself how this event can help the real you come forth, and the ego you to let go.

I believe in my heart that we are all here for a reason. We took birth so we could learn something. At its purest form that something is related to the truth. The truth is love, the truth is the real you. This might get obscured, but it never goes away, because it is the essence of your being. Every single moment, every single event can help you find your real self, or fall into ego self’s trap. The game is to keep trying. Ask yourself:

How can this help me love more deeply?


Ego is insane, real you is love, thoughts are just thoughts.

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